Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Healthier Summer Grilling

Written by  Jennifer Hellier and Tricia Foley, MS, RD

In 2016, our New Kitchen, New Nutrition, New You series puts the focus on helping you get healthier in the kitchen — one ingredient at a time. Each edition of OurHealth will highlight small changes you can make in your food prep and shopping habits that can add up to a major positive impact on your nutrition and health.

Our goal is to present you with suggestions you can use and build on that will help you create a healthier kitchen — and life — by the year’s end.

There is not much in the world better than sitting outside on a golden evening with friends, a cold beer and a plate piled high with steak hot off the grill, barbecue baked beans and fresh coleslaw. The rich heat of the steak contrasts the cool, sweet crunch of coleslaw, and baked beans top it all off with salty-sweet savory flavor. The combination is a summertime masterpiece and you are the artist. But as every great artist knows, even a masterpiece has room for improvement. The best grill food tastes just like a summer evening and is always good for your health. We have a few tasty alternate recipes for you to try with your favorite grilling foods. It’s amazing how much healthier a recipe can become just by swapping out a few ingredients.

Please visit the OurHealth Richmond RECIPES section of our website for a few tasty, alternate recipes to try with your favorite grilling foods!